old words

August 15, 2014

bits of sun and afternoon

Poems that have tumbled out of a time of chaotic peace and this beautiful summer.

The Hummingbird
The strangled music from speakers
didn’t seem so beautiful
when I heard the rushing brook of wind through leafy rapids.
And glowing screens didn’t quite delight
the way the cheerful susans did,
black-eyed and waltzing.

I had been overrun by a hundred beats of wing
sprouted from an iridescent emerald back,
poking around the bee balm.

I lingered,

hoping the hummingbird might return.
Sinking Sun
She let her hair float round her face
with tickling, cirrus wisps that danced the way
little girls’ locks do underwater as
their liquid smiles of wonder
bubble to the surface in giggled gasps.

Funny how fire made me long for the sea.

A Sunset
Her gaze lingered golden on the treetops,
blowing glittering kisses to
the rivers as they tumbled into restless slumber,

before fluffing her own, stormy pillows and pulling
cumulus covers over her head.

She peeked out once
with a flash of a smile in her coral-colored eyes,
then slipped out of ours into her own, starry dreams.

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